Une nouvelle version de cet émulateur Mégadrive, MégaCD et à présent 32X, vient de sortir dont voici les nombreuses améliorations:


* SH2 CPU emulation (custom ASM core) :
– 100% instruction set implemented.
– Full support of DMAC/DREQ.
– Full support of external division unit.
– Full support of watchdog timer.
* Full support of FIFO registers and DMA.
* 32X VDP emulation :
– Support of fill function.
– Full support of direct color mode.
– Full support of packed pixel mode.
– Support of run lenght mode without Genesis VDP and priority stuff.
* PWM sound emulation (DREQ1 DMA not yet supported).


* Minors bugs fixed.


* IPS patch support added.
* Save state compatibility (Kega, Genecyst …) improved.
* Fixed a minor bug with Z80.
* YM2612 :
– Fixed a bug with frequency modulation LFO.
– Fixed independent slot frequency calculation in special mode (channel 3).
* PSG noise channel fixed.
* VDP rendering engine improved :
– Better colors rendering.
– Faster.
* Fixed a minor bug in country detection code.


* Added some color adjustments feature :
– Brightness adjustement.
– Contrast adjustement.
– Greyscale mode.
– Invert mode.
Note that contrast and brightness are not calculated correctly yet.
* Rewritten Gens.txt by Red5 of the Genesis Project.
This is intended to be an updated/improved version of the old Gens.txt, it is not a « Gens Manual Lite » however and you will still need to download that for instructions on some of the more advanced features like Game Genie support.
* Debug removed.
* Screens saver is disable when Gens is running.
* Modified the tiny application icon, the guy which sent me it will probably recognize it 😉

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