Nouvelle version du meilleur gestionnaire de dats/roms.

* added: rebuilder advance option for a remove-only run. Although you have to specify a destination folder. Disabling the ‘normal’ remove-rebuilt-source option will disable that advanced option, too
* added: scanner view popup menu set…(showfolder/size/manufacturer/sampleparent/parent)
* added: scanner view popup menu rom…(show size/crc32/complemented/md5/sha1)
* added: scanner view popup menu chd…(show md5/sha1)
* removed: old profile-based ‘show manufacturer’ option
* removed: old profile-based ‘show complemented crc’ option
* misc: improved the profiler refresh speed (for all optimizations the profiles have to be rescanned though) but even without you should see a speed gain.
* misc: improved scanner speed for biosroms
* misc: changed some samplepath warnings
* misc: changed the order of the popupmenu a bit
* misc: no tree refresh when nothing important was changed in ‘checksums’
* misc: optimized loading speed of scanresults a little bit
* misc: speed optimization on profiler-refresh
* misc: removed leading 0x from exported dats

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