Nouvelle version de cet émulateur Nintendo DS.

– CPU: Added the LZ77UnCompWram SWI
– CPU: Fixed a typo in the SWI 3 emulation that caused single cycle waits
– GPU: Added the option to display only one of the DS’ screens (useful in fullscreen mode if only one of the screens are used)
– GPU: Added support for texture alpha bits (for 16-bit textures)
– APU: Optimized the resampling filter a bit, and applied filter to PCM16 samples as well
– APU: Added PSG emulation (rectangle waves only)
– GUI: Added fullscreen support (toggle with Alt+Return)
– GUI: Added a couple more registers to the I/O register viewers

The preferred fullscreen resolution can be specified in dualis.ini.
Some new keyboards shortcuts have been added: Ctrl+Shift+1..Ctrl+Shift+3 to select which of the screens are displayed, and Ctrl+Shift+F to toggle on-screen fps display while in fullscreen mode.

Télécharger PSP Player WIP (264,0 O)

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