Nouvelle version pour ce frontend avant tout destiné à mame dont voici les nouveautés:

– changed: Buttons icons in .bmp format with 2 states: normal / disabled … »resourcesimages oolbarsuttons ». This fixes the bad background for some Win9x / WinXP users (Vista still have bugs)
– changed: Unzipped arcades images from « » again
– changed: Removed some old code and optimized some functions
– changed: Updated Graphic32 component to latest version 1.8.1 …faster and new image filters
– changed: Renamed « Filters » menu to « Resampler » (main menu « Images ») and added some new filters
– added: Reminder message for Custom Game Appearance feature Displays a reminder message after customizing game appearance (description, category, font)
– changed: Frame box « Customized Game Strings » renamed to « Customized Game Appearance » … preferences screen, general / games tab
– changed: Emulator version info now extract from -listxml output (MAME based emus)
… if info cannot be extracted, the old way will be used (-help output)
Note: in emulators setup screen, the info is still extracted from the -help output
– added: Frame box « Control Games List With », listing all supported arcade controllers
… preferences screen, general / miscellaneous tab Devastator II, HotRodSE, SlikStik, X-Arcade tabsheets removed
– added: Menu option « Arcade Controllers Layout » (main menu View) to display the images of all controllers and their keys layout used to control games list in the frontend (Devastator II, HotRod SE, SlikStik, X-Arcade)
– changed: Audit feature. Game name replaced by game title and game name appears in
second column (same line as game title)
– fixed: Error in audit feature for games and bios that have « game » / « bios » strings in their titles
– added: Support for 48×48 sized icons in main screen’s tool bar buttons
Main menu « View » / « Large Tool Bar » (disabled by default)
– changed: A bunch of icons in « images oolbars » folder were remade and others added
– changed: Library « IconTools v2.01 » replaced by a new library called « TExIcon »
created by Colin Wilson (
– removed: The library « IconTools » is not used by this project anymore
– fixed: Tons of memory leaks caused by « IconTools v2.01 »
– changed: Dynamic loading of tool bar icons / large image type icons to save memory
and increase speed
– added: New feature: « Scan Not Used Images ». It searches for filenames that do not have
a corresponding game name in the games list (main menu « Images »)
Note: only unzipped images are supported
– fixed: Zipped icons were not being properly handled in « search missing icons » feature
– added: New feature: « Scan For Missing Images ». It searches your entire games list for
games that do not have a screenshot (main menu « Images »)
Note: both unzipped and zipped images are supported
– changed: Old MAME builds that use « -listinfo » output are automatically detected when creating new MAME games lists
– removed: Check button « Use XML » from emulators setup screen / MAME tabs
– fixed: Splash screen background disappearing when switching between EL and other apps
– fixed: A few actions were not being properly executed when controlling games list with arcade controllers (most noticeable PG_UP / PG_DOWN)
– added: New actions to arcade controllers (when feature enabled)
There is also a change in the actions layout for all controllers (see main menu « View » / « Arcade Controllers Layout »)
– changed: Game documents feature rewritten to merge all docs functions and to fix several
memory leaks when using automatic game info
– added: « Show All » in « Game Documents » games popup menu item
Use this option to view all docs at once from the selected game (game info, history, game driver info, faq)
Note: this is not the same as automatic game info!
– fixed: Image type tool bar icons were not being set at startup
– fixed: Tool bar button systems was not included in [ToolBar] section (« EmuLoader.ini »)
– changed: move sections « [MAMu_] », « [Audit] » to a new file: « ini_filesel_extras.ini » since those section are updated only when using certain features
Also, added section « [GameInfo] »
– changed: FMOD always use « Windows Multimedia Output » driver for playback now
… this output gives you the best audio quality anyway 🙂
– fixed: A few bugs when running EL on Windows Vista (betas)
… still, a bunch of visual bugs due Vista’s new GUI that will not be fixed until « Delphi Longhorn » is released in 2007
– changed: All updates up to MAME 0.105u3 are supported
– changed: New about screen image (« resourcesimageslogo »), new arcade controllers layout images (« resourcesimages »)
– added: new section in « docsel-readme.txt » named « Useful Links » with some interesting
articles about advanced frontend usage and integration with other apps 😀

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