Rmess est une version modifié de MESS qui inclus nombres de fixes par rapport à l’original. A tester donc.

Changelog for version 0.105
* make .n64 the default extension for the n64 (not tested)

* add two new drivers:
– super80 and super80v

* Quickload:
– Fix autorun especially for BASIC programs
– Allow « wrap-around » loads
– Fix various « Access Violation » issues
– Add dipswitch option to turn Autorun off

* The above Quickload fixes applied to:
– exidy and clones
– mbee and clones
– vz200 and clones.

* Microbee:
– fix soft reset
– fix sound that was broken for some games in MESS 0.105
– fix colours from getting overwritten by green
– fix cursor modes
– add Auto-resize option
– enable small character set
– fix « extra insert » key

* Exidy and exidyd, remove « Not Working » flag, as everything works except for the cassette system

Notes on Super-80
It is about 95% complete, and it runs all my software apart from one game.

Bug file:
– cassette system doesn’t work
– the 6845 « interlace » and « interlace and video » modes not emulated
– Natural keyboard has problems when Shift key pressed
– Keyboard interrupt doesn’t work if keyboard isn’t being scanned
– Parallel / Serial interface board not emulated

NOTE: The Auto-Resize dipswitch in the super80 and microbee drivers requires you to do a hard reset after changing the setting.

A télécharger ici.

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