MaLa est un frontend destiné avant tout à Mame, il supporte également d’autres émulateurs tel que Winvice, Kega Fusion, FCE Ultra – NES, VisualBoy Advance et Zinc.

Voici les changements:

– Added an option for ‘smart’ encoder programming. This will program the encoder only once on the first game for a new selected emulator.
– Added the ‘Use pictures of master for clones’ behavior to the definable images.
– Added a function to MalaLayout to change the absolute path for all images and sounds.
– Added more properties to the layout: Fonts and colors for all windows: menu, info, starting and exit.

– GUI option ‘Show videos’ always disabled when closing MaLa with the exit window.
– Default images for definables not working.
– Error in MaLaGamelist when saving a game list after deleting a game from the list.
– No focus after closing an emulators (zsnesw is an example).

– Removed the message ‘No games in the list. Filter enabled?’ on empty game lists for quicker scolling through the lists.

Télécharger Philips CDI (01/2008) (33,3 Ko)

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