Great news from our friend Rene Simons, ManiacNES v0.1.6 Public Beta is now available !

I’m very busy with the upcoming v0.1.7 release which includes some major canges like .zip support, gfx filter and some other features.

Meanwhile here is the latest build without the next changes. Leave your comments in the official forum please.

* [misc] another sound delay bug fixed
* [misc] prepared the source for the upcoming new features
* [fixed] Emulation window always foreground
* [new] You can load another rom instead of stopping emulator first
* [fixed] Background gfx errors while moving emulation windows
* [misc] code cleanup
* [sound] minor Sound improvements (Donkey Kong]
* [gfx] RC Pro AM 1 screen corruption fixed
* [misc] .ZIP Support temp. broken
* [misc] removed unstable code parts (gfx filter)

He knows that there are many bugs left in this build and he thinks the upcoming v0.1.7 has another priority: smashing down the bugs and welcome some new features ;o)

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