Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de GBA/DS dont voici la liste des nouveautés:

– nds/tcm: reset during emulation does reinit memaccess_list (and rebuild_tcm)
– gba/video: selectable GBA (dark), GBA-SP (med), DS-in-GBA-mode (bright) colors
– nds/video: emulates backlight on/off/dimming (rgb_xlat per screen / machine)
– nds/setup: optionally allocates debug-ver 8MB main memory (with reset/remount)
– nds/help: described wifiwaitcnt (port 4000206h), and displayed it in f10-iomap
– nds/help: spi 16bit mode bugged (only each 2nd byte appears in 8bit-spidata)
– nds/iomap: added 32bit auxspi register in iomap (formerly 8bit whatever 1a1h)
– nds/aux: emulates auxspi port (that still without any backup-memory emulated)
– nds/help: added cartridge backup chapter, and auxspi in cart ports and iomaps
– nds/realtime: raised from 50% to 100% speed (delays only on arm9, not on arm7)
– nds/video: emulates alpha-flag (0=transparent) for direct color BG bitmaps
– nds/iomap: expanded bg#cnt charbase value to bit2-5 (unlike GBA-style bit2-3)
– nds/help: added debug_exception_vectors in irq chapter (27FFD9Ch and 380FFDCh)
– nds/reset: stable multiple_ready initialization (libnds crashed each-2nd-boot)
– nds/debug: allows stackinfo at non-3000000h region (ie. var nds9 dtcm region)
– nds/metroid: metroid demo intro-movie is now working (bg bitmap & bitmap obj)
– nds/iomap: fixed displayed sqrt_result register value (addr 2B4h instead 2A4h)
– nds/iomap: fixed soundcnt and soundbias registers (addr 50Xh instead ecx+50Xh)
– nds/video: fixed bitmap obj emulation (also displayed in vram viewer oam page)
– nds/help: corrected 2D Bitmap OBJ description (boundary=8×8, not boundary=32)
– nds/video: emulates vram-display-mode (used for metroid intro / upper screen)
– nds/irq/bios: nds-irq-handlers working without copy of real nds-bios-image
– profiler: goto function always applied to CODE window (not data/stack window)
– nds/profiler: treats FFFF0018h as nds9-irq (unlike 00000018h for gba/nds7)
– nds/emudetail: higher emulation accuracy for read/write-able POSTFLG bits
– nds/bugfix: fixed SWP opcode (metroid) (ecx was destroyed by anytcm handler)

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