Seconde release pour RMESS.

* Fix the TRS-80 which was broken in MESS 0.105
– Fix the black screen problem
– Hook up the Disk System dipswitch so if it is turned off, the system becomes a cassette system and boots up
– Fix the I/O ports – they were non-operational
– Fix the 32 character mode to work like real hardware
– Change the way the 7-bit dipswitch works (must be set to 7-bit for systems using Level II Basic)
– Added Model III and Model 4 clones – they will run but much more work is needed
– The rom trs80.z33 was discovered to be a hack – replaced with the correct one.
– added some documentation

MooglyGuy précise néanmoins que le support du TRS-80 est uniquement dû à la copie de l’ancien driver… Bref un hack incroyable

Télécharger RomVault v2.6.2 (1,0 Mo)

En savoir plus…