Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur multi-consoles qui émule la Game Boy (N&B/Color), la Game Boy Advance, la nes, la Lynx, la PC Engine…

– PCE: The HuC6280 disassembler now gives @ZP hints for BBR and BBS instructions.
– NES: Increased the effectiveness of frame-skipping.
– Removed unnecessary sound buffer copying if the source format == device format in SexyAL, which is true most of the time.
– Fixed a bug that was causing a crash in the cheat interface when trying to list cheats, under Win32.
– Fixed a bug in the settings loading code that forced the user to resort to manual creation of ~/.mednafen/mednafen.cfg on some operating systems(*BSD, OS/X).
It was being caused by ‘errno’ being modified between the attempt to open the settings file, and the test ‘if(errno == ENOENT)’.
Silent sound will now be outputted when in step mode in the debugger. Windows users’ ears rejoice!
– Added a strtod() replacement that recognizes both « . » and « , » as valid radix characters, regardless of the current locale, and modified settings.cpp to use it.
– Lynx: Removed some unused code.

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