Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de Nintendo DS/GBA dont voici les changements:

– no$fmw: detects post-header gap-size (typ. 0h,3E00h,4600h) (old: fixed 3E00h)
– dos: fixed v2.2d bug: init_gba_color_xlat_table (old: init_color_xlat_table)
– help: added note on possiblity to move nds7 ROM to (non-)secure area at 200h
– help: added note about blank secure areas (nintendo devkit, 800h zero-bytes)
– help: added cart.NEF/SRL/NLF-combo description in symbolic debug info chapter
– elf/cartloader: crash-fix (occured if newly loaded labels at code-window-addr)
– cartloader/cmdline: supports spaces in « quoted » pathfilenames (thanks peter)
– screenshots: fixed palette size (set to zero for true color) (thanks jasper)
– help: changed DMA 4 to DMA 3 (probably makes more sense, thanks jasper vijn)
– nds/debug: accepts labels below 2000000h (ie. ITCM labels, at 1000000h and up)
– nds/help/no$fmw: added chinese as extra language (newer/chinese consoles only)
– vram viewer: OAM redbox works at negative y-coordinate (thanks peter schraut)
– bugfix: joypad_adjust uses « @@seg » instead « vals » for [local_if_adr] access
– nds/tcm: 80×86 intrwait [dtcm+3ff8h] works if DTCM is off, or covered by ITCM
– nds/freeware: stores [memaccess_addr] (required for tcm/interrupt emulation)
– elf: ignores « @1234 » and « @456 » style dummy labels (used in ldr rd,=txt_ptr)
– nds/cartloader: shows warning on 2K-encrypted-carts (if missing biosnds7.rom)
– nds/cartloader: shows warning on faulty secure area (rom-offset below 4000h)
– cartloader/cmdline: accepts all « unpacked_extensions » (new ones: nds srl elf)
– elf: reload/recent files: reinitializes dsk_path (used to load source-lines)
– nds/controls: joyp/penirq works for BOTH arm7+nds9 (@@skipinp, old: @@skipadj)
– elf: shows continous source lines from ONE section (hides .nef DUPE sections)
– elf: ignores strange « $a » and « $d » dummy labels (found in some elf/nef files)
– nds/cartloader: supports cart.NEF debug info (for cart.SRL binaries) (if any)
– nds/cartloader: supports (not existing) nds-elf’s with zero-based phys.addr
– internal/cartloader: replaced @@target_rom flag by pre_size detection values
– internal/cartloader: removed ancient @@elf_method load-by-section-headers
– nds/cartloader: accepts ext .SRL (nintendo’s alias for raw .NDS rom-images)

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