Nouveau build CVS de DOSBox !

:: New build : DOSBox 0.65 CVS (05/28/2006)
Stable version.
– The following patches are added.
* Joystick polling_reduction (created by hal)
* New scalers including Super2xSaI, 2xSaI, SuperEagle, and HQ2X/3X (created by Krounz)
You can choose scalers by using Ctrl-Alt-F2.
– The following patches are updated.
* Joystick patch
* Menu bar
Menu items now work fine. Menu bar doesn’t show when using openglhq.
* Intro Imrpovement
* More parameters support in internal commands
copy nul works.
– Added some direct3d pixel shaders.
– Advinterp2x/advinterp3x scalers work with anti-aliasing.
– A dos command ‘shift’ work correctly.
– Updated some libraries like sdl_net.
– Reduced the size of executable.
– Some minor bugs fixed.

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