Nouvelle release candidate de ce frontend avant tout destiné à Mame (il gère également Winvice, Kega Fusion, FCE Ultra – NES, VisualBoy Advance et Zinc) et dont voici les améliorations:

– Added an aspect ratio of 1.6 (16:10) to the layout. Create scalable layouts for wide screen displays.
– Added an definable aspect ratio to the layout. Create scalable layouts for any aspect ratio.
– Added ‘Remove selection’ function to MalaGamelist.
– MalaTree and MalaGamelist stay on top now when started via command line/from the options dialog.
– New emulator presets.

– Access violation on opening the Info Window when no history.dat file is available.
– Desktop resolution not switching when using a scalable layout.
– Background music not starting on MaLa start.
– Game lists are not displayed/selectable on controller mapping tab sheet.
– Game lists are not displayed/selectable in auto game list switch checkboxes.
– Joystick in Exit window not working.
– MalaGamelist: Wrong emulator name of source list displayed when starting with command line parameter.
– Button ‘Delete’ on game list tab not working

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