Nouvelle version pour ce manager de roms.

* added: zip option OEM/ANSI conversion. This enabled/disables conversion of non standard filenames in zipfiles. Keep it enabled as long as you don’t use any non standard characters. Remember, conversion results depend on your currently used codepage. If you got problems renaming roms, you should toggle this option. This is a per-profile setting and enabled by default.
* misc: zip option ‘mark useless zip structs as unneeded » is now a global setting
* misc: unneeded diskimages will be listed as ‘diskimages’ instead of file/folder
* misc: diskimage + unneeded detects unneeded diskimages even if ‘roms’ isn’t selected (official chd storage method only)
* misc: when using sysdefpaths, chds optionally have to use the sysdefpath now, too (e.g. btchamp should be in a subfolder of the konamiGV assigned path) Added a scanner advanced option for that. Use it in combination with the warning about wrong sysdefpaths option there.
* misc: changed the layout in scanner advanced a bit
* fixed: FolderBrowser can trash memory when COM library was closed ‘too early’
* fixed: some OEM/ANSI conversion can cause DOUBLE FILEENTRY IN ZIPFILE issues
* fixed: toggling fix-all toggles the tree which isn’t needed
* fixed: previously loaded setselection is falsely applied to next loaded profile

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