Il s’agit d’un frontend avant tout destiné à Mame (il gère également Winvice, Kega Fusion, FCE Ultra – NES, VisualBoy Advance et Zinc).

– Changed the LED triggering. Now it’s possible to define more than one LED for the same button/function.
– Added an optional and configurable LED flash on game start
– Added the ability to launch external apps (e.g. start explorer when running MaLa as shell or launch a jukebox app)
– Added launch external app to the controller set
– Added the ability to launch an application on MaLa exit
– Added letter up/down commands to the controller set
– Added play buttons on the gui sound tab
– Added video display to the screensaver
– MaLa Menu now available in tree mode
– Added an option to save the last background music position on quit and restore it on start
– Sub directory search of mame roms optimized. Works faster now.

– MalaGamelist: Error (« Zu wenig Arbeitsspeicher ») when removing brackets from names on huge lists
– Index out of range error when using a tree and switching to a sub menu node in some cases
– Game list overwritten when using auto start of a game on MaLa start and the last selected game list is not the auto start game list
– Index out of range error when opening the info window and no games are in the list
– Mouse input in MaLa still active when running an emulator
– Error on next/previous game list in jukebox
– No tracking of the selecting game when using ‘Auto Gamelist Switch’ on orientation switch or cocktail mapping
– Switch to the ‘All Games’ game list when closing the options dialog with ‘OK’ in some cases
– Starting picture still visible when quitting an emulator
– MalaTree: Check tree function not working correctly when using a jukebox node
– MalaLayout: Absolute path for some sound files not set
– Movement sound plays twice when not using the scroll delay exception on sounds
– Background music starts from beginning when quitting a game
– Wrong game selected on next/previous emulator command when tracking of selected game is on
– Sub directory search of mame roms not working correctly

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