Il s’agit d’un frontend avant tout destiné à Mame (il gère également Winvice, Kega Fusion, FCE Ultra – NES, VisualBoy Advance et Zinc).

– Added the ability to display pictures (snap, marquee or control panel) instead of text in the game list display. All layout options for the game list display (diagonal, arrow, round, item height and so on) can be used with pictures too.
– Added a global exception handling with logging
– Picture loading optimized, faster now when using image effects
– Scrolling acceleration can be turned on and off and the acceleration speed is configurable now.
– Complete rework of the joystick handling. No more glitches when scrolling.
– Joystick routines can handle up to 4 axis, a pov (cooliehat) and 12 buttons for each joystick now.
– Removed the calibration stuff, use of the windows calibration instead.
– Configurable joystick deadzone added.
– Added the joysticks to the cocktail mapping. You can even mix keyboard and joystick sets to rotate and load a game list on controller detection.
– Added letter up, letter down, volume up, volume down, next song and previous song commands to the joystick control sets
– Added support for a second joystick
– Added new LED types to the LED config to light up more/other controls: joystick, trackball, dial, paddle, stick and lightgun
– Added an option to set the default vertical orientation (clockwise – counter-clockwise)
– Added tooltips to the options dialog
– Added the ability to run a LED animation sequence on various GUI events: MaLa start, MaLa exit, game start, game exit, emulator switch, list switch.
– Added an option to hide the ‘All Games’ list for each emulator
– MalaGamelist: Added a function to import MAME32 custom lists
– MalaAttractMode: Added a function to use a LED config from a loaded file as default config

– Image effect grayscale not working on rotated screens
– Filter Master/Clone works the opposite way around 😉
– Emulator not selected on the gamelist tab when creating a new non mame emulator
– Gamelists of emulator still displayed on the gamelist tab after deleting the emulator
– Game list still displayed after deleting it on the game list tab if the deleted game list was the selected one before opening the options dialog. Causes also an error when switching the emulator.
– MaLa freezes when adding files to the bg music playlist and shuffle is enabled
– Filter combos on filter tab not sorted

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