Egalement une nouvelle version pour ce frontend multi-émulateurs dont voici les changements:

* Vista Support. Should now run on Vista Beta 2
* Dropped support for .net framework 1.0 (not 1.1)

* There’s now an option to play DVD’s with VMR 9. If DVD’s won’t play and you have a modern system, try this setting. It’s better anyway. If I’ve broken DVD for others please report. It is possible as I’m not an expert with DirectShow in C++.
* The unnoficial setting to relax rotation restrictitions now works with dynamic rotation
* Fixes ICONS not showing in MAME game lists
* Theres a new LCD Plugin version, with the the following enhancments
– Can show Game Category
– Can show Game Manufacturer
– Shows MAME controls when available
– Shows information at game playing in attract mode
* I’ve turned auto update back on, if your using a version prior to 5.36 your’ll get an error. Sorry, there’s nothing I can do about it. Yourll have to do a manual install.

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