PocketGB était à la base un émulateur Game Boy tournant sous PocketPC mais aussi d’autres systèmes d’exploitation à base de Windows CE. Il est devenu MorphGear, un émulateur multi-système dont le principe repose sur des modules, eux-même issue du code d’autres émulateurs. Porté depuis sur l’univers PC (Windows 98/2000/XP). Cette version gratuite supporte trois modules : SNES (SNES9X), PCE (Hu-Go!) et Megadrive (Generator). La version payante propose plus de consoles (sous forme de modules): GBC, GBA, NES, SNES, SMS, GG, MD, Nec TG-16 pour le moment mais beaucoup plus à terme.
* A bug causing unregistered modules to lock up on some devices after 5 minutes has been corrected.
* Windows Mobile setup and CAB have been updated to install for all ARM platforms. This may allow those with ARM-based HPC and PPC devices to use the new version of MorphGear as well. Remember to uninstall all previous versions of MorphGear and all MorphModules before installing a new release. Please provide feedback in the forum to let me know how this works for you.
* Sound algorithms updated (affects all modules). Should produce more accurate audio while using less CPU time.
* Dragging the window offscreen in the Desktop version no longer causes a crash.
* Drawing routines updated. This may prevent crashes that occasionally occured on some Mobile devices. It may also increase performance for select devices. If anyone experiences a drop in performance, please let me know in the forum and be sure to provide specific details.
* Exception handling routines were updated. This changes only the behavior that occurs if a MorphModule fails. The impact of these changes is still being analyzed.
* The settings dialog bug affecting mobile devices with square screens has been corrected.
* GameBoy MorphModule updated to VGB 3.0.
* GameBoy Advance MorphModule updated to VGBA 3.0.
* MasterSystem/GameGear MorphModule updated to MasterGear 2.0.
* NES MorphModule updated to iNES 3.0.
* Sync Audio setting has been removed from the SNES module as it is no longer compatible with the new audio algorithms.
* A newer compiler was used on this release and it has the potential to result in minor performance gains for all modules.
* HPC, PSPC, and PPC platform support has been discontinued. Windows Mobile (2003 and higher) is supported.

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