MAME Player est un tout petit frontend destiné à MAME.

– Removed: DirectDraw option. This option is for testing porposes. There would be no reason to
have it turned off. The default is ON in MAME´s ini.
– Fixed: crashing with new renderer MAME, although it´s not supported yet.
– Removed: the debugging confirmation box when applying default mame options (again).
– Removed: ´always on top´ code for fullscreen option.
– Fixed: d3dfilter and offscreen_reload not saving.
– Fixed: misc. tray error.
– Added: Play and Record .inp files (i knew i´d forgotten something from mame start).
now checks mame.ini for input_directory and creates it if not found.
– Added: Play and Record Sound (.wav).
– Added: Play and Record Video (.mng).
– Added: Apply button (default options) now acts more like an apply button.

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