Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur multi-consoles dont voici les changements:

– SexyAL: Fixed buffer write memcpy() optimization to also check to make sure the input and output byte orders are the same.
– PCE: Added setting « pce.forcemono » to force monophonic sound output.
– Added setting « analogthreshold », which is the threshold for detecting a « button » press on analog axis, in percent. The default value is 75(%). Worked around a very odd « bug » in gcc that involved muddling of local-scope structure definitions among different object files (the structure previously named « BPOINT » in both NES and PCE emulation code), which led to breakpoints with NES emulation being totally fubared.
– Added graphics memory dumping capabilities to the debugger.
– PCE, NES: Save states and powers/resets in debugger step mode SHOULD work properly now.
– Fixed a potential deadlock when exiting.
– Various debugger fixes. I lost the ChangeLog, sorry. -_-

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