Il s’agit de la version de dev TiEmu3 (un émulateur de Ti89/92-II+/V200) sans le module GDB.

– [kevin] $2128: HW4 has 8 MB of FlashROM
– [kevin] $2130: complete HW4 images to 8 MB
– [kevin] $2136: fixed NULL dereference in filesel.c
– [roms] $2140: added TiGroup file support (in sending only)
– [roms] $2142: fixed wrong timeout value (2 variables, 1 (mis-)used)
– [roms] $2143: clean-up and overhaul in the progress bars
– [roms] $2144: updated to rely on ticalcs2 progress bars data-base
– [roms] $2146: fixed updating of third pbar counter. Fixed use of ticalcs2 pbar database.
– [kevin] $2147: don’t crash DCOP client program when running reset_calc through DCOP with the debugger running
– [kevin] $2153: fixed warnings in TiEmu patches to GDB
– [kevin] $2154: fixed warnings, fixed UAE to detect 64-bit integer types under glibc, fixed is_varname
– [kevin] $2155: fixed warnings in the assembly-level debugger
– [kevin] $2156: fixed more warnings and a few file descriptor leaks
– [kevin] $2159: fixed « TIGCC » and « » bookmarks to use the respective official spelling
– [kevin] $2162: only run Qt event hook (processing GTK+ events) when currently displaying a modal dialog
(fixes DCOP hang after reset_calc with debugger running, due to the infinite loop protection)
– [kevin] $2162: disable « Debug file with TiEmu » when the debugger is running
– [kevin] $2162: added Seamonkey to the browser list, suggest Firefox instead of the obsolete Mozilla Suite
– [kevin] $2163: clear command line in execute_command
– [kevin] $2164: changed DCOP/OLE ready_for_transfers to really check if the emulated calculator is ready
– [kevin] $2166: fixed FlashROM identifiers so the HW4 8 MB FlashROM gets detected properly by AMS 3.10
– [kevin] $2168: fixed recfile crash when receiving something which is not a valid variable
– [kevin] $2168: fixed ti68k_linkport_ready to reset the link so TiEmu doesn’t try to receive a « file » sometimes
– [roms] $2177: fixed invalid keyval mask in keyboard press event routine
removed Gdk_Caps_Lock capture (already capture by TI keyboard)
added accelator key: Pause => Screenshot Now!
– [roms] $2178: allow to select target folder for screenshots
– [roms] $2179: fixed bug #1435183 (Error window when closing TI emu)
– [roms] $2190: added BMP screenshot support and fixed frame spacing
– [roms] $2191: reworked screenshot option dbox and prepared next step
– [roms] $2194: added ability to take several screenshots (burst mode)

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