Nouvelle version pour cet émulateurs multi-consoles dont voici les améliorations:

– Added somewhat experimental Neo Geo Pocket(Color) emulation based off code from NeoPop, heavily modified.
– GB: Fixed frame rate when sound is disabled.
– Added →, ←, ↑, and ↓ characters to the Lynx, GB, GBA, and PC Engine directional button names used for button configuration, to match the NES button
– PCE: Added setting « pce.adpcmlp », default value 0, that when enabled, will cause Mednafen to apply a lowpass filter to ADPCM sound output with a rolloff frequency dependent on the current ADPCM playback frequency. This makes ADPCM voices sound less « harsh », however, the downside is that it will cause many ADPCM sound effects to sound a bit muffled.
– PCE: Moved the OpenGL screen clearing code into the FlipOpenGL() function to fix a problem with some PCE games that use multiple resolutions per frame having a partially corrupted screen when the OSD was up.
– PCE: Fixed save state loading with save states created during a CDROM data transfer.
– Fixed a bug that was causing flickering OSD remnants to remain onscreen in fullscreen mode if the OSD was drawn outside of the game screen area.
– Fixed a bug in the resizing code for save state previews that was causing save state previews for the NES, GB, GBA, and Lynx to look absolutely horrible.
– Assigned the two keys « -« (not the numpad instance) and « = » to functions « decrement selected save state slot » and « increment selected save state slot », respectively.
– Removed the checks preventing save state usage when playing NSFs, since save states may be useful with NSFs in some circumstances.
– Added a new setting « ckdelay », which controls the length of time, in milliseconds, that a button/key corresponding to a « dangerous » command like power, reset, exit, load state, etc. must be pressed before the command is executed. The default value is 0.
– Input mapping configuration is now saved after argument parsing if there is no game to be loaded, allowing a command like « mednafen -inputcfg pcegamepad1 » to work properly.
– The message « Configuration finished. » will now be displayed when button mapping for the selected input device is complete when using the in-game configuration process.
– PCE: Fixed a bug in the debugger involving disassembling block memory transfer instructions(effectively, the length was being fetched 1 byte too early).

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