Nouvelle version de ce frontend multi-émulateurs dont voici les changements:

– Fixes emulators not showing on start page when using flat start page
– Fixes emulator list corruption when less items in emu list than on start page
– Option to turn off start page zoom animation (Display Settings)

– Various code changes, optimisations and caching implemented which should normally mean much quicker startup and returning from games
– Loading radio stations in the background is now optional
– GameEx can now load the emulator lists and databases in the background on a thread. This is turned on by default, and should be fine for HT or dual core PC’s, but if you have an older system you might need to turn it off. I’m not sure Im only able to test on high end equipment at the moment(MrBean: ta source plz)
– Emulators with databases should now load quicker.
– I think anyone who has ever been ticked off with loading or return times is gonna absolutely love this release. Enjoy the weekend folks.

– Various optimizations and non cosmetic fixes that may make GameEx run a little a faster, startup faster and return from games a little faster. Please let me know if you notice improvements (MrBean: ta source plz)
– Fixes games missing from the end of emulators lists
– The last and most played games now only show at the top of an emulator list if theres more than 25 items
– Radio stations now load on a thread, so there is no waiting or long pause when loading stations. They will start to play when complete
– For non theme editor themes theres an additional animation when an item is selected on the first start page where the selected item zooms in a little
– GameEx will not exit with an error if an emultor is not setup correctly but will just disable the emulator and log the error
– When paging through long lists after a while GameEx will start paging two pages at a time
– I think that’s everything. Enjoy

*maj* 6.65 en ligne ! (8ième de la journée, tel un programme mal codé^^)

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