Nouvelle version de HazeMD et HazeMD Plus:

Added some extra sets, mostly unlicensed titles, many don’t work because they’re
protected and I haven’t looked at the protection

Also replaced the following sets
NHL 94 (UE) [!]
James Pond II – Codename RoboCod (UE) [!]

with real dumps, these are byteswapped compared to the roms used by the all
standard Genesis emulators, but this byteswapped format is correct, if you look
in MAME you’ll see that practically every single program rom 68k game is like
this. Also preserved the rom label information from the carts. Thanks to Chris

I view using correct dumps as important, regardless of if they function in other
emulators or not, I also view preserving the rom labels and cartridge information
as equally important.

Nothing to write home about, no real improvements to the Genesis or SMS emulation,
although I may look into trying some things to improve the timing soon, time

Télécharger X128 0.95B Open Alpha (1,2 Mo)

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Site Officiel de HazeMD32

Télécharger Z80Stealth (Win) v1.23 (2,2 Mo)

Site Officiel de HazeMD32+

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