Nouvelle version pour ce manager de roms dont voici les changements:

– added: XML driven file header support. For detailed information, please consult the xmlheaders.txt file.
– misc: moved all set specific selection stuff from settings to setinfo window
– misc: renamed « ? » button for set information
– misc: new apply button instead of OnKillFocus to apply regular expressions
– misc: www profiler xmls get a valid xml header
– misc: xml sax parser handles xml header and xml comments correctly
– misc: using updated zipclass library
– misc: drag’n drop operations bring windows to top position
– misc: optimized setinfo tree/list refresh
– misc: deleting a profile selects first profile in the current profile folder
– fixed: disabling name check falsely hides listed unneeded issues as well
– fixed: double entries in fixdatfiles if rom is listed several times in the scan results tree

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