Une nouvelle version de cet excellent manager de roms pour MAME (et bien d’autres émulateurs) vient de sortir. Voici les nouveautées :

fixed: Rebuilder->skipped valid unzipped files when not using drag&drop
added: Dir2Dat->Headerinformation can be filled in
added: Copy2Clipboard->All SetHeaders, CurrentSetHeader
misc: « show/add stats » default value is now « enabled »
misc: ClrMamePro also reads urlsXX.ini/extsXX.in (XX = 01-10) (won’t get overwritten by a new CMPro)
misc: Rebuilder-> « sourefile is in rompath » warning is only shown once now.
misc: Rebuilder-> if destination folder has to be created and no files are rebuilt, the folder is removed.
misc: Settings->Instead of using the ADD button you can add folders by dropping them (explorer drag&drop)
misc: new program icons (thanks to Stephen Murphy)
misc: some control changes due to manifest file
misc: WarningsWindow->show a « logfile saved successfully » (or failed) message (e.g. when auto-save-log is enabled)

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