Conçu pour gérer à la base les roms MAME, clrmame supporte maintenant un nombre conséquent de set de roms via des fichiers dats. Le plus complet et le plus performant des managers de roms.

# added: scanner show statistics button
# added: profiler tree got an own popupmenu with folder specific items now
# added: profiler tree got popupmenu options to scan all dats in folders/subfolders
# misc: default values for fastscan/logfile and auto-create rompath is now based on a user selection in profiler options. You can select datfile name, name tag or folder. Folder selection is useful if you you’re using a tosec datfile/profile structure.
# misc: added some missing tooltips and changed several dialogs layout
# misc: switched to NSIS for Installer
# fixed: profiler info window reappears rarely when www mode is toggled
# fixed: www profiler progress bar isn’t reset when switching to next url sometimes
# fixed: batch run: auto-create rompath fails when setting a not existing root folder
# fixed: dir2dat adds baddump file to the dat when sourcefile is locked by another task
# fixed: some right-click hittest issues
# fixed: fix missing sometimes tries to fix skipped sets

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