Un excellent émulateur qui de plus tourne sous Windows. Surement le meilleur (il y a un comparatif sur le site officiel).

– Added hyperlinks for symbols and instructions containing addresses. Simply hold down the CTRL key and click the link.

– Symbol Hyperlinks. Simply click on the address in the Assembler Symbols window to go to the address in the debugger. (Vu sur Emu-France.com)
– Correct syntax highlighting of the SP register.
– Fixed a bug in the Find/Replace dialog when the Find Text was left blank and Cancel clicked.
– Ability to write output directly to disc image files or sectors using an extension of the write direct instruction. The syntax is:

write direct “filename”[,exec addr] – an exec address of -1 will produce a file with no AMSDOS header. (eg. COM file).

write direct sectors “sector range” – will write directly to a range of sectors on the disc image.

The filename is of standard CP/M or AMSDOS format, and can contain the drive and user specifier, for example:

write direct “1A:TEST.BIN”

The sector range can contain a drive specifier (A: or B:) followed by multiple track-range:sector-range, for example:

write direct sectors “A: 10:c5 11:c6-c7 12-13:c8 14-15:c1-c9”

Disc Editor
– The Disc Editor allows you to edit the contents of disc images easily. It contains a sector editor and a File System browser/editor which allows you to drag and drop files between disc images and/or Windows Explorer (or other applications that support file transfer, for example FTP clients or email clients). Files can be converted to and from AMSDOS format in the process. The Disc Editor also allows you to easily delete, rename and set properties for files contained on disc images.

– AMX Mouse emulation now available. Press CTRL-F12 to enable/disable AMX mouse support.

– Added the ability to clear unused tracks when formatting a disc.

Known Issues
– Changes to ASIC registers through the Gate Array occur approximately 6 pixels too early. On the real CPC Plus, changes to the palette using the GA (i.e. OUT instruction) occur 6 pixels after the register is written (approximately 0.375us). Exact emulation of this has not been done since no CPC software currently requires this degree of accuracy, and emulation would probably result in a significant degredation of performance.

– The ASIC does not allow a number of registers to be read. This does not affect any current CPC software, and needs to be analysed fully before being emulated.

– DirectDraw Surface.Lock errors were occurring on some machines in 2.0 Alpha 7. I have modified the code slightly, but this may not have fixed the issue, still waiting on information back from the users involved.

Télécharger WinAPE v2.0 beta 2 (4,3 Mo)

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