Nouvelle version de l’excellent ClrMAMEPro :

– added: xml description file setformat.xml which lets you specify set list exports in scanner’s popupmenu. Default file includes definitions for standard set list, CSV and some newsreader applications.
– added: drag’n drop in set information window can be used to enable sets
– added: batchrun: ‘always use ‘default.cmp’ for new dat’ (tri state checkbox)
– added: batchrun: ‘for default naming use’ options (also in profiler options)
– added: %c (cloneof) %C (sampleof) %f (setname) etc to the variable list and made it accessable from setinfo, rebuilder adv and setformat.xml
– misc: profiler and scanresults windows remember maximized state attribute
– misc: several gui/text changes
– fixed: setinfo hide-bios option doesn’t hide biossets
– fixed: listinfo parser falsely trims string in quotes
– fixed: an aborted progress cancel in batchmode falsely asks to stop the batchrun
– fixed: profiler info window state isn’t remembered when leaving with ESC key
– fixed: scanner [x] doesn’t store window placements
– fixed: xml sax parser handles « ‘ », «  » », multiple escaped chars in one tag and hexadecimal escaping
– removed: removed several scanner popup menu items (set list export, csv), this is handled by the new export set list options

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