Nouveau build CVS de DOSBox !

:: New build : DOSBox 0.65 CVS (09/29/2006)
– SDL ver updated to 1.2.11 (Thanks to gulikoza for updating openglhq patch against the latest sdl)
I made a correction to prevent Alt key input. (It triggered popup menu.)
– Updated the following patches.
* SVGA Chipset support (vasyl)
It fixes crashes on several games when setting svgachipset to none
* Menu bar
Automount/Unmount feature are now convenient. Unmount checks whether drives are being used or not.
Automount now handles cdrom, too.
* Automount (a little bit modified)
* More parameters support in internal commands
Now supports vol, label properly to view/set volume name.
* Intro improvement – Added explanations
– Removed the following patch.
* error_noexit (unnecessary)
– Fix cdrom detection (qbix)
It’s possible to mount rayman image to play in dosbox.
– Removed printer font files. You can download them from my site to load fonts in dosbox.
– Fixed some minor bugs.

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