Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur multi-consoles:

New System Drivers Supported (in no particular order):
– Apple IIc (ROM revision 4) (not working) [Nick Westgate]
– Tano Dragon 64 [Phill Harvey-Smith]
System Driver Changes:
– [C64] Fixed issues found by the TRAP4, TRAP5, and TRAP6 tests of the c64
test suite. (bug #952) [Wilbert Pol]
– [CBM] Fixed SID code to remove potential divide by zero issues. (bug #936)
[Nate Woods]
– [COCO3] Fixed a bug that could cause hi-res text and graphics to not display
properly when RGB is enabled. (bug #938) [Nate Woods]
– [DRAGON] Fixed side specification on floppy disk controller. [Phill
– [GAMEBOY] Fixed battery backed RAM saving. (bug #948) [Dirk Best, Wilbert Pol]
– [TELMAC] Fixed crash when running without sound. (bug #922) [Nate Woods]
– [THOMSON] Improved video emulation, floppy disk support, preliminary network
extension support, and LEDs. [Antoine Mine]
– [THOMSON] Added CRCs to the BIOS declarations. (bug #942) [Antoine Mine]
– [VIC20] Fixed bug that caused the driver to fail when sound was disabled.
(bug #930) [Nate Woods]

User Interface Changes:
– [Windows] Fixed a bug that caused the Pause menu item to always appear as
checked. (bug #926) [Nate Woods]
– [Windows GUI] Fixed a bug that caused the GUI to fumble on paths with spaces
in them. (bug #918) [Nate Woods]
– [Windows GUI] The GUI will no longer process software entries when an
emulation is running. (bug #940) [Nate Woods]

Imgtool Changes:
– Fixed the listfilters command. (bug #945) [Tim Lindner]
– Added Thomson support. [Antoine Mine]
– [Windows] Modified wimgtool so that it will function properly if it cannot
locate an icon for a given file extension. [Nate Woods]

Source Changes:
– The core is based on MAME 0.109. This incorporates all features of the
update to this core. [MAME team]
– Fixed improper use of options.sample_rate in drivers to use
Machine->sample_rate. (bug #939) [Oliver Stoeneberg)
– Build system cleanups. (bug #929) [Nate Woods]
– [Windows] Fixed incorrect « Illegal integer value for threads » error. (bug
#920) [Nate Woods]

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