SDLMame (pour Windows mais surtout Linux et MacOS) est disponible dans la dernière version possible:

– Significant OSD changes combined with having to put in some overtime at work make this a more delayed than normal SDLMAME release, but here we go.

– This has everything from baseline 0.109u1 plus the SDL improvements seen in SDLMESS 0.109 (namely better handling of the debugger trap and improvements to the Mac OS X debugger).

WARNING: file I/O is completely rewritten in this version (both in the core by Aaron and in the SDL layer by me) and therefore it’s more likely to be unstable than your typical “u” release. (But the good news is it’s no longer a ghastly hack). I’ve tested several usage scenarios and fixed all the problems I found, but undoubtedly some of you are more creative than I and will find ways to break it. If you just want to play the games, I’d stick with 0.109 for now.

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