Nouvelle version pour ce frontend multi-émulateurs Arcades.

– fixed: Some console left-overs
– fixed: If using zipped images and setting a relative path for the .zip files, images were not being loaded
– fixed: Tool bar and status bar hidden when restarting frontend in full mode
– changed: Custom game settings for ZiNc moved from « resourceszinc_cfg » to « arcadezinc_cfg » folder. Just move your folder to the new place
– changed: Filter games by main CPU is not automatic anymore. You must click « Apply » button to filter games from now on
– changed: Moved status bar from bottom of main screen to below the games list
– changed: Moved game size settings from preferences screen to main menu « View »
– changed: Moved « Tool Bar Editor » menu item from « Advanced User » to « View » main menu and renamed it to « Settings »
– changed: A few entry names in « EmuLoader.ini »
– changed: Random game button moved to main tool bar buttons Warning: this feature only works when viewing all games with full filters enabled
– removed: MAME Mouse / light gun settings from preferences screen
– added: Improvements to the columns profile feature:
* Each system can have its own columns profile
* Editor improved to allow selecting a profile for each system
– added: Each system can have a different column sort. settings saved in the new « [Columns] » section, « EmuLoader.ini » file
– added: Status bar editor (main menu « View »)
* the current favorites profile can be found in the button’s hint… or you can
identify it by the icon 🙂
* status bar is hidden when in full screen mode
– added: All default menu items are in bold font… for multiple items like image types, game icons size, status bar size, etc (main menu and tool bar dropdown menus)

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