Nouvelle version pour ce frontend multi-émulateurs Arcades.

– fixed: Range check error when using MAME’s history.dat
– fixed: Some visual bugs when using MAME settings (default and custom game options)
– fixed: Feature « Filter by CPU » was taking too long and using 50% of system resources while being executed… that’s a no no
– fixed: RBG pallette for MAME Plus! was not being read and set (mame settings screen)
– fixed: Game descriptions ending with « , The » were not being correctly fixed when creating games lists
– changed: Optimized the read/write function for MAME settings (MAME settings screen) and removed redundant code
– changed: Frontend now compiled with « Range Check » option (Delphi project settings)
This will help me to track down memory variables that are trying to use values outside its limits
– removed: « resourcesimages oolbarsstatusbar_random_game.ico » and « resourcesimages oolbarsstatusbar_game_size.ico » files
– added: New icons:
* « resourcesimages oolbarsemu_all.ico »
* « resourcesimages oolbars
andom_game.ico »
* « resourcesimages oolbarsstatusbar_game_size_emu.ico »
* « resourcesimages oolbarsstatusbar_game_size_zip.ico »

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