Il s’agit d’un frontend avant tout destiné à Mame (il gère également Winvice, Kega Fusion, FCE Ultra – NES, VisualBoy Advance et Zinc).

• Added an event plugin system which allows developers to enhance MaLa in various ways
• Added a new placeholder to the encoder programming command line: %rom%
• Added an option to use ‘LED’ files to overwrite the default lightning for particular games
• Added a ‘lock exit’ option to avoid accidental exiting
• Improved the ‘copy roms to folder’ in MaLaGamelist

• Error creating the main game list when using a MAME ‘u’ versions
• Error when adding a game to another list on non mame emulators. (Not possible message)

Télécharger Philips CDI (01/2008) (33,3 Ko)

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