Nouvelle version du meilleur outil de gestion pour vos roms/dats. Comme annoncé hier on a également le droit à de nouveaux dats pour gérer vos images.

* added: support for diskimage ‘merge’ tags. This is also handled by the profiler option ‘parse merge tags’. In case you don’t use it (which is the prefered method imo, you probably have to double identical but differently named chds (currently only MAME109u5 konam80s/j sets are affected).
* added: dir2dat option to handle archives as files (instead of parsing them)
* misc: scanner diskimage routines rewrite
* misc: profiler doesn’t need a rescan when running in batchmode
* misc: profiler remembers selected tree/list items in all_profiles mode
* fixed: rom/chd hashlist doesn’t get updated on set selection change and direct rescan
* fixed: an unneeded chd doesn’t get recognized when rom zipfile exists in the same rompath
* fixed: setinformation tree item checkboxes get enabled on click/init

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