Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur PCEngine/TG16 basé sur PC2E:

– The load of the « CD-ROM access » processing was lightened. As a result, in
a CD-ROM drive environment not fast, the problem with « The noise enters
BGM of a built-in sound source when CD-ROM was accessed » was solved.
– Processing related to interrupt was modeled on a real machine more. As a
result, « Lemmings » came to operate. I think the operation timing of other
software has approached a real machine, too.
– « Swap I&II » was added to « Input » menu. (For « Lemmings » with the mouse)
– If « 7 » key (It is not ten keyboard) is pushed, « Swap SEL&RUN » (« SELECT »
button is replaced with « RUN » button) is executed. Use it when you connect
3-button pad.
– When « Music CD player » built into « System Card » was played, the bug that
had been occasionally freezed when all tune performance was completed was
corrected. And, when « Ootake » was paused while performing music, the bug
of which the error margin went out to the display at the elapsed time was
– The volume balance of CD-DA sound source and a built-in sound source was
modeled on real machine more.

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