Nouvelle version WIP de cet émulateur de Snes;

* ALL: Cleaned up GZip reader. GZip reader now also support transparent reading, namely a regular file with a .gz extension for no apparent reason. [Nach]
* ALL: Commenting out Battlemaniacs fix because it breaks way too much. [Nach]
* ALL: Fixed IPS hint not being shown under a particular circumstance. [Deathlike]
* ALL: Fixed prevpicture display for DSP-1 games. Cleaned up some stuff in DSP-1 and DSP-2 loading. [Jonas Quinn]
* ALL: Fixed silly mistake with size adjustment of IPS patches. [Nach]
* ALL: Make sure passing string_merge() a buffer pointer to null doesn’t crash. [Nach]
* ALL: Standardized names on arrays containing paths. Note to reset your SRAM path after this commit. [Nach]
* ALL: Slot level is now updated properly while increment/decrement savestates are in use. [Deathlike]
* DOS: DOS exit no longer takes shortcuts and skips atexit() on DOS. [Nach]
* DOS: Fixed a bug with trailing passed to access() under good ol’ DOS. [Nach]
* DOS: Fixed anything related to port 209 in the DOS port. Lots of clean up. [Deathlike]
* DOS: Reverted to a workaround previously implemented in r1436 to rid of the snow in DOS. Only affects Gaussian at the moment. [Deathlike]
* DOS: This should fix joystick problems in DOS. For some reason, the internal settings were not aligned correctly. [Deathlike]
* DOS: This should fix the 8 button controller option and Parallel LPT2 P2 option. [Deathlike]
* GUI: Fixed the shadow in the F3 menu. [Jonas Quinn]
* GUI: GUI state selection now also allows number quick keys. [Deathlike]
* GUI: Hopefully fixed GUI savestate selection via numpad keys. [Deathlike]
* GUI: Revamped the Video window [ipher] [Deathlike]
* GUI: The blink rate change on the GUIInputBoxNach is now once every 30 frames. [Nach]
* GUI: This should correctly fix the GUI state selection while using the mouse. [Deathlike]
* GUI: Deathlike has been added to the About box [Nach]
* SDL: Even better privledge dropping. Now if getlogin() returns, ZSNES running as root will launch browser as the user that logged in. [Nach]
* SDL: Fixed display of Keep4_3Ratio option for SDL and redid some code for consistency. [Deathlike]
* SDL: SDL port gets the Custom Res good loving too.. and now Keep4_3Ratio is available as a GUI option. [Deathlike]
* SDL: Changing the size of the window while in the Filters tab will now update the HQx and hires options. [Deathlike]
* W_D: Debug mode in DOS/Windows writes to stdout.txt and stderr.txt. [Nach]
* W_D: Fix some issues on MS OSs. [Nach]
* W_S: Can now edit custom resolution from the GUI. [Nach]
* WIN: Now GUITextBoxInputNach can accept ctrl+v to paste clipboard contents in Windows. [Nach]
* SRC: Source cleanup and maintainance, fixed lots of warnings. [Nach] [Deathlike] [Jonas Quinn]
* SRC: Updated install instructions to match latest SVN closer. [Nach]

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