Encore un nom de release super original pour cette nouvelle version de Gens32 Surreal créé par DarkDancer et basé sur Gens. En voici les nouveautés:

1) Update 24bit and 32bit playback stuff.Note, that Gens32 surreal never really supported 24bits or 32bits playback,even this version. It just use a method to « emulate » them in 16bits.
2) Add 172000HZ sound rate playback,that can fix some sound bugs under 192000HZ.Thanks to Stéphane Dallongeville.
3) Add a option which can force to use software update sound. This may fix some fucking problems.
4) Rewrite and add some render plugin.I wana emulate really TV, but it’s long way ahead.These things are WIP stuffs.
5) New roms supported.But the keyboard stuff still not fully emulated.
6) New backgrond, still thanks to amk1989.

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