Conçu pour gérer à la base les roms MAME, clrmame supporte maintenant un nombre conséquent de set de roms via des fichiers dats. Le plus complet et le plus performant des managers de roms.

* added: separated disk ‘merge tag’ handling from rom merge tag handling in profiler options window. The default value is ‘enabled’, so you don’t have to double the konami80 chd anymore (and the upcoming DDR ones).
* added: create folder button for small profiler folder selection window
* added: 7z/rar support for About’s drag’n drop feature
* added: 7z/rar support for About’s Search CRC32 in Folder feature
* misc: garbage collection file list only appears when files were found
* fixed: not fixed wrong named disks falsely reappear as unneeded disks
* fixed: fix wrong size fails for write protected files / archived files
* fixed: batchrun fails for multiple exe based profiles

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