ElectrEm Future est une nouvelle version d’ElectrEm (un émulateur Acorn Electron).

En voici les nouveautés:

– Fixed a concurrency issue that could lead to a crash on hard reset
– Disc drives now respect mid-emulation changes of mind w.r.t. disc drive write protection
– GUI related memory leaks fixed
– Emulator now correctly loads BASIC source files passed to it at startup (e.g. through file associations)
– Reincorporated some fixes from 0.5c that had accidentally fallen by the wayside when I switched machines
– Devolved some configuration stuff from the ProcessPool to Components, which makes the code a bit more modular and therefore easier to maintain
– Fixed BASIC export of ASCII blocks following REM or DATA statements, and string literals
– Added visible notification if the CPU should hit a KILL opcode or an unknown opcode
– Added correct input for square brackets to the text pasting, fixed timing bug where the same physical key needs to be pressed lots of times in succession but with different shifts
– Fixed compatibility issues between 64 kB mode and the fast tape ROM – both now work together
– Made various fixes to make sure configuration changes propagate properly
– Fixed bug whereby autoconfig would install Disc FS ROMs, but not actually enable the Disc hardware
– Fixed bug that meant switching the 64 kB hardware on and off often wasn’t handled correctly
– Fixed error that meant that BASIC tokens within the last 8 bytes of a source file weren’t necessarily tokenised correctly
– BASIC import/export now works correctly in 64 kB mode
– [Mac OS X] Disabled (non-functional) ROMs entry on the menuar

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