Conçu pour gérer à la base les roms MAME, clrmame supporte maintenant un nombre conséquent de set de roms via des fichiers dats. Le plus complet et le plus performant des managers de roms.

* Made the packer classes more generic, automatically adding rar/7z support to:
o about: drag’n drop info lists rar/7z & search crc in folder supports rar/7z
o profiler: online xmlfile can be compressed and xmlfile creator scans rar/7z
o profiler: datfiles can be compressed to rar/7z
o dir2dat: reading rar/7z while building the dat
* Scanner, Rebuilder and Merger automatically supports them too now but I need some more time to fully enable it there. Of course you still got the rar/7z support for rebuilder source.
* misc: improved speed of chd scanning
* misc: folder browser takes parent folder if init folder doesn’t exist anymore
* misc: some cleanup
* fixed: wrong dupe complain for full merged sets where only clones have chds
* fixed: no grey profile when you download and directly replace the old one


Edit 2: Bug fixé

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