Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de Ti99.

# As always, there are several minor fixes to Win994a Simulator. Some are cosmetic, but a few are operational. One of these involved the way double sized sprites utilize character definitions. Most people will not notice many of these fixes.
# Some major work was done to enhance correct execution timing. The Simulator now supports three different methods of clock timing based on the machine you have and the clock resources it has available. Another area of timing that was corrected involves speech. A significant amount of work resulted in improving Win994a’s speech so it works more like a real TI machine.
# The Disk Manager application has been completely revamped and rewritten. Now it handles both floppy and hard disk files. This makes it possible to directly copy files between these two different types of storage media.
# The assembler application has been revised and updated to write its output files directly into both floppy and/or hard disk container files. This allows for a much faster and convenient method of writing assembly programs. In addition, the assembler can produce binary files that Win994a can directly import into new cartridge applications. The process of writing and developing new TI cartridges just got easier
# All you assembly programmers, please see a new document that describes the more technical aspects of developing code for Win994a. A few new machine code instructions were added to Win994a and the assembler to support traditional stack manipulation and memory paging. All this should make writing large programs for Win994a more straight forward.

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