Nouvelle version de ce frontend destiné à Mame, voici les nouveautés:

– Added: Option to play a avi on startup (default is start.avi) see URL to video on site.
– Fixed: Information not working after verifying a game (if info. pane wasn’t visible).
– Removed: OK and Cancel buttons from Folders dialogue.
– Added: Add Root button to Folders dialogue.
– Changed: Folders dialogue now supports multiple paths for all the search paths.
– Changed: Options dialogue is always modal (on top).
– Replaced: Effects dropdown with a textbox and common dialogue (MRUD is saved).
– Replaced: Input Layout dropdown with a textbox and common dialogue (MRUD is saved).
– Fixed: History not updating when removing a game from favourites.
– Removed: Unavailable list. You can still see what sets aren’t available by the icon type.
– Removed: Option to use history if one is found. Now if one is found, it will be used.
– Changed: Cleaned up much code.
– Added: « Fonts » to Folders dialogue.
– Added: Full mame.ini path to Folders titlebar.
– Fixed: Icons need aligning after Verify ROMs, selecting an exe and changing a ROM folder(s).
– Fixed: Stores game ini files in MAME root folder if inipath is set to « . » alone.

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