Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de Robotron KC-85 dont voici les changements:

– Update windows installer; Cosmetic changes
– add icons for kramer-mc, pc/m and vcs80
– add program menu shortcuts for kramer-mc, pc/m and vcs80
– add window icon in resolutions 16×16, 32×32 and 48×48
– add icon and version resource to windows kcemu.exe file
– upgrade win98 installer to use gtk+-2.6.10; upgrade win2000 installer
to use gtk+-2.10.7 (build is still against gtk+-2.4.14)
– set compression method to bzip2 for win98 installer
– install wimp gtk engine for gtk+ >= 2.8
– fix usage of included libintl for mingw builds
– Add « Folie 1 » information to kc85/3 – /5 keyboard view
– Add tag for monospaced font to help window; update help file to use it
– Change menu entries to fix shortcut conflicts
– Fix month value in sys_localtime to return 1 for january
– Add emulation of vcs80 system
– Add documentation of keyboard shortcuts

Télécharger mGalaxy (Win98) v1.2 (4,8 Mo)

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