Un build non officiel d’Oswan par Toyo (un émulateur à la base créé par Cal2). Il s’agit donc de la version d’Oswan la plus aboutie.

Traduction autotmatique:

-So that it may reproduce until it doubles the volume of
-VOICE and becomes size 0 from Mr. kazz about a setup
– DMA VOICE The bug to which the client domain had not set correctly that fps displayed on
– status bar corresponding to correction and hyper-voice emulation (Star Hearts) was set to 0 at the time of a 1 time as many vertical display of correction / display size as this (when a cuff of a menu occurs) It corrects so that Oswan.log, Oswan.eep, and Oswan.ini may be created in a directory with Oswan.exe instead of correction and a current directory (being OfflineList).
In order to prevent data being created by the folder of OfflineList at the time of

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