Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur GBA/DS (le meilleur actuel pour la DS en attendant la future release de la team DeSmuME) dont voici les améliorations:

– nds/2d: adjusted window width (nds=256, instead gba=240) (famicom wars demo)
– nds/memory: allows to execute code in vram (used by mariokart demo on nds7)
– iomap: replaced various « vals » by « io10seg » (matching to nds9/nds7 pages)
– nds/wifi/xcept: allows nintendo to write 00h/55h/AAh/FFh to read-only BB-ports
– nds/3d/irq: emulates gxfifo irq (used by lara/brainage demos)
– nds/3d/help: added notes on how/when to acknowledge gxfifo irq (see gxstat)
– nds/3d/dma: emulates gxfifo dma (used by submarine demo and possibly others)
– nds/dma: renamed/renumbered $profiler_id_dma (supporting the eight ds-modes)
– nds/3d/help: added GXFIFO DMA Overkill on Packed Commands Without Parameters
– setup: added gba-solar-sensor setting (now also in freeware version setup)
– setup: removed experimental rear-alpha option (tested / always enabled now)
– nds/backup: bugfix: forces no nds-backup in gba-mode (fixes fatalunexpected)
– nds/xboo: added upload-wait/timeout (for remote secure_area_extra_decryption)
– nds/dma: prevents gba-style dma3-capture on nds (fixes submarine demo freeze)
– nds/dma: simplified different dma mode bits by dma_kick_mask at mount_system
– nds/3d/help: added 3d-lockup note (on swapbuffers with incomplete vertex list)
– a22i: supports « NOT » operator (more or less, crashes on faulty priority order)
– a22i/bugfix: long/negative multiply in numeric expression (swapped lsw2/msw2)
– nds/3d: handles 8bit ldrb reads from 3d ports (4000320h and up)
– gba/nds-cartloader: fixed crash on loading GBA-carts from inside NDS7-mode
– thanks: RockmanRotties and Diablow for bugreports on demos and fatalunexpected