Voici la dernière version béta pour cet émulateur d’Atari ST/TT/800.

Rappel des changements:

– Fix video where on some systems the screen refresh was either very slow or infrequent.
– Support for running in WOW64 mode on 64-bit XP and 64-bit Vista.
– Improve support for running in virtual machines such as VMware and Virtual PC.
– Remove menu options that had little effect (such as « Fast Refresh » or « Use Hardware Timer ») in order to reduce testing complexity.
– Eliminate Windows calls specific to certain Windows releases and choosing more general purpose implementations instead. For example, the « write watch » API in Windows is no longer being used as it is not consistently available on different PCs.
– Merge back to a common 680×0 emulation engine. Gemulator 8 and SoftMac 8 had used forked sources which had diverged significantly and had subtly different behaviour.

Télécharger Gemulator 2008 + SoftMac 2008 (v9.0 beta 4) (1,1 Mo)

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