Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur de Sinclair Zx81.

– Minor update in the path selector…CHR,ROM,C and Bin can be loaded in memory (UDG,ROM&CODES)
– Virtual Tape menu added.
– TZX & T81 format supported, can be loaded with LOAD » » or LOAD »NAME » (Save command don’t refresh the current file but generate a P file on your hard disk.)
– Hrg Memotech card updated (0000h-0400h segment can be set without hrg display).
– Direct type-in ZX chars in binary editor (press control).
– Quick Silva UDG Card supported :
1) UDG mirrored at 8400h(set1) and 8600h(set2 – reversed graphics).
2) Use the RAND USR QCopy to print the screen (in the driver « CHAR.P » file)

Télécharger VB81 XuR (2014/03/14) (2,1 Mo)

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