Un émulateur de TI89(Titanium), TI92(+) et V200. Ce qui correspond aux plus puissantes calculatrices de chez TI vendu dans le commerce. Vous aurez besoin du module GTK disponible ici.

New capabilities:
– sound emulation
– breakpoints on bit change
– can send file(s) from command line

– data/bit change breakpoint is raised after instruction execution so fixed disassembly window
to show one line before current PC
– optimized displaying/refreshing of debugger windows (~50%)
– allow double-clicking of a ROM instead of selecting + pressing OK button

Bug fixes:
– time handling (really use wall time, not CPU time, for RTC on *nix)
– fixed coordinate saving for Win32 multi-monitor case
– *nix compile fix: fixed KDE path detection for multilib systems with
both 32-bit and 64-bit libraries installed
– fixed wrong disassembly offset of MOVEM.W instruction
– fixed GDB build with the upcoming glibc 2.7

Edit: Le build sans GDB est disponible en version 3.01a:

– re-released due to missing file in Windows Installer (dhahelper.sys)
– includes latest ticables2 library with USB polling support
– [kevin] $2642: fixed bit toggling in register window

Télécharger Skin Edit v1.27 (789,7 Ko)

Télécharger TiEmu 3 (avec GDB) v3.02a (4,0 Mo)

Télécharger TiEmu 3 (sans GDB) v3.03 (3,1 Mo)

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